Frozen Pork

pig TAIL food

Pork Tail

Frozen pork tail, also referred to as pigtail and pork tail, are the tails from a pig used as a food ingredient in many cuisines. Pig tails can be smoked, fried, or roasted in barbecue sauce. They are also brine cured or used as jelly stock for brawn.

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pig food FEET

Pork Feet

They're loaded with collagen. And collagen is good for your skin. It helps prevent wrinkles. And at Hakata TonTon, the pigs feet are served in a number of ways, from crunchy and deep-fried to dressed up.

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BELLY food

Pork Belly

Frozen Pork belly is a boneless and fatty cut of meat from the belly of a pig. Pork belly is particularly popular in Hispanic, Chinese, Danish, Norwegian, Korean, Thai and Filipino cuisine.

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pig food HEAD

Pork Head

Pig's head is most commonly cooked to make brawn, stocks and soups. Brawn, if you don't already know, is a cold cut of pork that is sourced from pig's head and crafted into a terrine or meat jelly. All parts of the head are used, with the exception of the brain, eyes and ears.

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pig food EARS

Pork Ears

Frozen Pork ears is the culinary name for the meat of a domestic pig. It is the most commonly consumed meat worldwide, with evidence of pig husbandry dating back to 5000 BC. Pork ears is eaten both freshly cooked and preserved.

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pig back ribs

Pork Ribs

Ribs are a cut of pork (or beef, etc.) from the loin or side between the shoulder and back legs. Pork ribs come in three basic cuts – back ribs, spare ribs, and country-style ribs – depending on the section of the hog where they originated.

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